Motivating and Insightful Swimming Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now!

Podcasts have really exploded onto the scene and are a great way to motivate you before or during a workout. Simply turn it on and listen. Below are some podcasts I’ve enjoyed lately and have been recommended to me several times. Each of them cover swimming technique and how to better improve your stroke. Others also dive into wellbeing, health and motivation by parthnering up and interviewing some of swimmings greatest figures!

Swim Smooth

Have you heard about the popular swimming blog Feel for the Water? If you have then you’ll be happy to hear that Swim Smooth podcast brings this blog to life. The hosts of the podcast are Adam Young and Paul Newsome. They interview athletes that are at the top of the swimming game. However, they also talk with less known individuals who have a positive outlook on the philosophy of swimming.
This podcast will not only help you improve your efficiency in the water but it will also inspire you to look at the future differently. Great words coming from great people might be just what you need.

See www.swimsmooth.com for more.

Champion’s Mojo

This weekly podcast is brilliant! It’s really professional, well-connected and is great at inspiring, motivating and educating listeners. Hosted by Kelly Parker Palace, a former D1 Head Swim Coach and current Masters world-record holder, and Maria Parker, multiple world record-holder in endurance cycling, there is no lack in expertise.
It also helps that Kelly and Maria are good friends off the air.
Odd numbered shows are interviews with top, elite swimmers and coaches. Whilst even-numbered shows discuss mental well-being, motivation and health. The motivational shows really get you in the mood to train on those days you’re feeling a bit sluggish.

Click the following link to learn more: www.championsmojo.com

The Effortless Swimming Podcast

In this podcast they cover open water swimming, triathlon swimming and pool swimming. It’s hosted by Australian National swimmer and coach Brenton Ford. Along with guests, Brenton discusses speed and efficiency in the water. With the aim to “help make a complex sport really simple to better your swimming.” Listening to advice from successful swimmers and coaches together with Ford, is a real formula for success if you’re looking for the best advice to excel your swimming. With over 120 episodes available to listen to right now, this podcast is one of the most consistent shows available.

Check out his podcast at www.effortlessswimming.com 

Tower 26

Triathlon Swimming with TOWER 26 was created by Triathlon’s go-to swim expert Coach, Gerry Rodrigues, and USAT Certified Coach/Professional Triathlete, Jim Lubinski. I myself have been training using Gerry’s swim programme for years now and it’s really brought my swimming on by miles and miles. These podcasts help triathletes and open-water swimmers alike get the most return out of their swim preparation by covering all the essential topics and ingredients that are necessary to make us all better and safer swimmers. And as you know at Tekrapod, safety is key! Through Gerry’s countless years of coaching thousands of triathletes and Jim’s racing/training/coaching experience, the two take on all topics relevant to swimming.

Check ’em out at www.tower26.com/podcast


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