Safe swimming without the drag


Complete Unit - Backpack & Bladder

Adjusts to fit all sizes




Latest neoprene laminates




Manufactured in the UK and Ireland using fully
certified USA and EU components

TekraPod in action

No part of my stroke appeared
to be impacted by it. It feels
completely out of the way

DC Rainmaker - Open Water Swim Blogger

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User manual & care instructions

Get the best from your TekraPod with detailed information on how to use, fit and care for your swim safety device.

Frequently asked questions

Tekrapod has fully adjustable elasticated straps and so will fit swimmers of all shapes and sizes. There’s no need to worry about your new Tekrapod fitting you or someone you are buying for.

Under ITU rules, so long as your safety device does not offer any additional buoyancy, it is allowed. That is why we took great care to ensure that your Tekrapod is designed to be neutrally buoyant when it is not activated.

The internal bladder, which instantly inflates when you need it, is brightly coloured and VERY visible.

We believe that visibility in the water is not a key safety issue, unless you are in trouble and need attention. We advise that if the water is being trafficked by fast moving watercraft, then no amount of visibility will make you safe; you simply should not swim there. We liken it to telling a cyclist that if they wear a hi-vis vest, then it’s safe to cycle on a motorway. Common sense tells you it’s not. The internal bladder is made of the highest quality hi-vis material ensuring that when you do need to be noticed, you will be!  If you want to find out more about the backpack then you may be interested to read our blog, “The buoy that cried wolf

Tekrapod is the only inflatable safety device designed specifically for open water swimmers. The reason we locate it on the swimmers back is twofold, firstly this is the location on the swimmer which is over the centre of gravity (buoyancy) it is therefore the location least likely to alter the swimmers body position. It is also located at the break water line, behind the swimmers head, the place where the effects of drag will least affect the swimmers performance. It also allows us to add features like our Tekralite.

Yes, Tekrapod is fully reusable; after activation, deflate your bladder, fold and replace the CO2 cartridge and repack. Our easy to follow video guides will show you how.

Absolutely, we are so confident about the quality of our hand-crafted products that we offer a 1 year no quibbles warranty. All we ask is that you post it back to us and tell us what the problem is, and we will replace your Tekrapod without delay. (Dog chewing or oven baking excluded).

The key difference is that Tekrapod remains completely out of the way until you need it; it doesn’t get blown around, hit you in the head and legs or get tangled up.  It allows you to get into that peaceful zen-like moment when it’s just you and the sea, without interruption.

Simply put, no there isn’t, Tekrapods are designed for people who like uninterrupted swims, so we like to keep things to the minimum.

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Replacement parts

Standard Bladder

It’s easy to replace the Bladder if you need to without having to replace your TekraPod.  The Bladder comes equipped with a pull cord to

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Size guide

Place the tape tight up under your arms to take the fullest measurement of your chest. Remember: TekraPod has adjustable straps to help you get the perfect fit.


Size guide

size height cm height ft/inch
S 135-164 4′ 5″- 5′ 3″
M 155-181 5′ – 5′ 9″
L 172-191 5′ 6″ – 6′ 3″
XL 183-203 6′ – 6′ 6″