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Frequently asked questions

No, the TekraPod is not a life vest. It’s a buoyancy aid and should never be used to replace a life vest where one is required.
TekraPod is designed, prototyped and tested on the West Coast of Ireland, where the TekraPod is also manufactured. The inner buoy is manufactured in the UK using fully certified USA and EU components by an experienced and well established life vest manufacturer.
The light is manufactured in Northern Ireland, with all design, industrial and software engineers also based there.
While the answer is largely yes, it does depend on the ambient temperature in which the inner buoy is inflated. In colder conditions it may take a second or two longer to become fully inflated.
We recommend that you inspect your inner buoy at least once a month by manually inflating and deflating using the oral top-up tube. If there’s any sign of wear and tear or air leakage you should replace it immediately. We also recommend that you activate the bladder at least every two months to ensure it works correctly and consistently.
Because there are two different metals being used in the CO2 bottle and the inflation valve, you will notice a furry material may accumulate over time. We recommend that you unscrew the bottle every two months, clean off the material with a dry cloth on both the bottle and the valve. You can use a small bit of lubricant, like Vaseline, on the bottle threads before replacing the bottle to help it to screw in easier. You should also replace unused CO2 bottles every 6 months if they have corroded. With regular maintenance your bladder should not be affected.

Yes, there is more than enough adjustability built into the TekraPod to accommodate you in both scenarios.

No, the TekraPod is unisex. It will fit all body shapes and sizes because of the design of the clasp and its location.

Under International Triathlon Union (ITU) regulations so long as the device does not provide any buoyancy or advantage it is deemed race legal. As the TekraPod is neutrally buoyant and remains deflated until you activate it, it should be race legal in all instances. However, you should always check with the race director before you race.

Yes, you can buy replacement inner buoys, backpacks, CO2 cartridges and the little green grommets or clips.

Yes, the straps and backpack are specifically designed to minimise chafing. The silicone grippers keep the straps in place so you can swim without having to worry. Just like a wetsuit, if you have a rub point, try using an anti-chafe lube.
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Size guide

size height cm height ft/inch
S 135-164 4′ 5″- 5′ 3″
M 155-181 5′ – 5′ 9″
L 172-191 5′ 6″ – 6′ 3″
XL 183-203 6′ – 6′ 6″

Size guide

Place the tape tight up under your arms to take the fullest measurement of your chest. Remember: TekraPod has adjustable straps to help you get the perfect fit.